“Introducing the Desktop Operating System of the future!”


TTOS Linux Version 1.0 is a Debian 64-bit Linux Distribution, but not just any Debian Distribution.  To start off with, we went the extra mile to add all the eye candy (KDE Plasma Desktop) a casual user expects from a desktop operating system, and it also includes a light weight GNU step / WindowMaker desktop for the advanced power user.


TTOS Linux can accomplish a variety of tasks that any user requires their computer to perform.  For example, it comes with all the software to be productive in the office…



As a benefit of being part of the open source community, TTOS has access to a vast library of open source software and games!


As an added benefit, TTOS includes an all new HTML5 web browser, Uplink Browser to give you the best experience with the latest HTML5 technologies!

Uplink Browser v0.1

Uplink Browser v0.1

And did we mention free Internet Security for the life of the product?  Our included Internet Security is enterprise grade!  You won’t need any costly 3rd party solution, that adds unsupported kernel modules and can make your system unstable.  Our solution is built in at the core and gives an easy to use UI that is both intuitive and functional. ipsec


Among the included apps are native clients for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the desktop version of T-Hub!

Download TTOS Linux Version 1.0

Download TTOS Linux 1.0 MD5 checksum

Download TTOS Linux Version 1.1


NOTICE: As of January 31st, 2019 – TTOS Linux 1.1 Final build 20190131 was released for download.  The new release includes bug fixes, improvements, and updates.  Please see release post for details.

Bug 20181205-1 Screen lock engages during install process.  User name and password is live / live.  There is no password set for root but live account has password less sudo privileges.  

Bug 20180102-1 New user creation makes false directories (this is due to save data from creating skel app making it into the configuration. This will be removed from final release

Bug 20180104-1 Some installs fail during grub setup on systems with UEFI BIOS.  UEFI support will require an internet connection and a script or a separate ISO for UEFI specific install.