TTPC Systems Computer Technologies of the future! Wed, 18 Mar 2020 03:08:42 +0000 en-US hourly 1 TTPC Systems 32 32 104691909 Happy St. Patty’s Day! Wed, 18 Mar 2020 03:08:13 +0000 With all the stuff happening in the world right now regarding Corona Virus and a global toilet paper shortage, we hope that everyone remains safe and healthy. Also, development of TTOS Linux will continue now more than ever! Have a great day and enjoy the latest release tomorrow!

Download at

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TTOS Welcome Update Sat, 22 Jun 2019 01:55:43 +0000 The new 6/20/19 update to TTOS Linux Installer gives us an improved TTOS Welcome experience! Here is the list of changes…

  • New NVIDIA GPU Installer – the old NVIDIA GPU installer skipped NVIDIA’s EULA and gave the users the ability to just install. The new installer makes the user agree to NVIDIA ELUA before allowing the user to install and use their software.
  • PackageKit back ground behavior has been tweaked to allow TTOS Welcome to just work without having to wait for package kit processes to start and finish in the background first. This is the type of behavior that users expect.
  • Work has been started on an Android Studio IDE Graphical Installer (similar to the installer of the NVIDIA version).

Please download and install today to try out the exciting new changes!

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Feature Request Wed, 08 May 2019 18:54:07 +0000 For the fans that keep the project going, please sign in and leave your feature requests in the comments below.

Here is the list of planned features to come….

  • KDE ufw Interface
  • Long awaited update to ProShield AV and Internet Security
  • New respin ISOs
  • Deployment of automated nightly build system.
  • Ultimate Gaming/AV editing install scripts
  • Live wallpaper creation studio
  • PerformaSync backup solutions

Development is slow due to it being completely volunteer work on free time. Any volunteers for various aspects are welcome. Any requests are welcome. Any contributions are welcome.

Also, if there are any volunteers with success at launching gofundme campaigns, we would love to hire full time developers to create our vision of what Linux can be for our users. As previously stated, this project is currently volunteer only at the moment. Any and all help is welcome.

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TTOS Linux 1.1.1 Maintenance release! Mon, 15 Apr 2019 20:25:43 +0000 A maintenance release of TTOS Linux was released for download with the following changes…

  • Spelling errors corrected in main installer GUI
  • Introduced TTOS Welcome post installation utility
  • Refined build system and started templates for alternative DE respins
  • Updated installed packages to current repository versions

Just a note, packagekit backend reserves a lock on dpkg until the system is updated using packagekit UI. You must run KDE Discover update utility before using TTOS Welcome.

Also, all updates are pushed to the standard repositories as usual and will automatically be available for all current users upstream.

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TTOS Linux Updates Mon, 01 Apr 2019 22:01:58 +0000 Until we switch our dedicated server rack out for our new virtualization server, we are left with providing updated ISO’s on a monthly basis. We have found that with certain size updates of certain packages, command line intervention is required. This has been happening for ISO images older than one month. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. The correct procedure to fix this is to…

Open “konsole” and type the following…

sudo su

apt update

apt upgrade -y

Answer all questions presented. Use default options when asked, or say yes when asked questions. Some of the questions will be along the lines of certain services require a restart to function correctly, would you like to restart now, or to specify grub boot device. After the upgrade is completed, you can reboot the system and it will work like normal. In the future, we will be providing nightly install images. Using a confirmed “working” build ISO will solve this issue as it will already be up to date.

Also, the KDE devs have dropped the ball with Plasma Discover (The official PackageKit front end for KDE). Plasma Discover will sometimes not present the update button in some test cases. Also, packagekit in debian sometimes crashes causing crashes in Discover. Apper has been included as a graphical alternative to discover and is quite easy to use. Apper is a direct KDE frontend for Debian Apt. If you require a graphical package manager and Discover does not work, use this instead. In a later version of TTOS Linux, we will provide a package that makes Apper the default package manager and update manager for KDE in the event Discover stops working for some users. We found that this happens on some updates and is fixed with some following updates however it is an ongoing issue in some test cases (not all). The KDE team is aware of the issue as bug reports have been files with numerous other distros but I have complete confidence that they will eventually figure it out.

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February Newsletter Tue, 26 Feb 2019 21:20:14 +0000 We hope everyone had a happy valentines day! With the final release of TTOS Linux 1.1, development does not stop there. We are constantly developing and instantly pushing new development changes into official builds up for download. The last few official builds integrated a new immersive full screen installer. We will continue to make progressive changes to both the installer and the Operating System itself. Much of the changes this month are with porting our modular build system. We thank everyone for their continued support and we encourage everyone to spread the word about TTOS Linux project, and encourage others to download and try it out. The more input we get from the community, the more we can make improvements that shape TTOS Linux to meet the communities wants and needs.


The current work has been on a complete re-code of the TTOS Linux Build System into the new and completely modular TTOS Linux Studio. Linux Studio has the ability to build operating systems based on templates. The TUI is simple and fully functional (except for the publish feature). The GUI is currently being developed. The GUI currently has the ability to load and build OS Templates, but does not have the ability to create them yet.

When TTOS Linux Studio is completed, we will begin designing templates for alternative installation desktops respins of TTOS Linux. The first will be a minimal server ISO and a GNUstep / WindowMaker ISO. We will then begin taking user votes and polls for desktop environments that our users want to see. The one with the most votes will make the cut once the vote process is completed.

Also, at this time, we will resume work on other important projects. Our first project that currently is not ready for production use is PerformaSync. PerfomaSync is a cloud platform that uses a mix of open source and proprietary technologies (don’t worry, everything conforms to their respective licenses). The proprietary technology is the DRM Licensing and payment processing for the cloud platform. As we develop this technology, we will eventually publish a programming API to give developers the ability to publish proprietary DRM protected applications on TTOS Linux. The reason behind this is to encourage big companies with non-open source apps to port their applications to Linux by offering a complete anti-piracy protection solution to them.

Some of the other projects being worked on include:

  • TTOS Welcome
  • Internet Security Suite
  • Integrated Cloud Backup / Restore
  • USB Installation Medium / Live Build creator
  • TTPC Firmware Flasher
  • Graphical Recovery Suite
  • Graphical Intrusion Detection / Prevention System
  • Parental Controls (Whitelist / Blacklist / Automated Approved List)

Please subscribe to get updates on development status! Download our Android App, T-HUB today to get instant notifications and access to new posts!

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TTOS Linux 1.1 Released! Sun, 03 Feb 2019 05:44:29 +0000 As of January 31st, TTOS Linux 1.1 was released starting with build 20190131 and later patched with build 20190201.

This release comes with a plethora of updates and new features, some unique and specific to TTOS Linux!

New changes

  • New graphical installer – TTOS 1.0 had a TUI installer. This worked great because TTOS was originally intended as an OEM solution for TTPC Systems. It has now been replaced by Calamares graphical installer for a seamlessly easy installation process.
  • Android Messages – we are the first to fully integrate mobile texting solutions into our repository. Android Messages uses the stock Android messaging client to remotely login, view, create, and reply to your messages. If your phone doesn’t support Android Messages, then we also packaged AirDroid.
  • Facebook – for your privacy, we have included a Facebook client that resembles the mobile client. Our client, when closed out, doesn’t keep any information. You are automatically logged out and your username is not saved. This helps prevent account hijacking when accidentally left logged in.
  • We upgraded KDE to Plasma 5
  • We upgraded to kernel 4.19. Version 4.20 is available in Sid / experimental repositories.
  • UFW kcm has been removed due to compatibility issues with Plasma 5. We will be working to port this soon. But ufw is still available via command line or the gufw frontend app.
  • PerformaSync Cloud Services – our native client is still in development for TTOS Linux but you can still manually configure the webdav mount I’m dolphin for time being. Native Android app is published on Google Play

New Graphical Installer

Download PerformaSync to keep your important data safe!

Download T-Hub to stay up to date on all future posts and updates!

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Animated Wallpaper Fri, 06 Apr 2018 05:07:09 +0000
When we released the TTOS Linux Version 1.1 Pre-Release builds, some may have noticed that animated wallpaper support was added into our repositories. Well, now we have a tutorial on Tom’s Tech to teach you how to set it up.

Check out the tutorial here!

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Merry Christmas!!! Mon, 25 Dec 2017 06:09:52 +0000 As we near the end of 2017, I would like to recap what we accomplished during this year, and what we plan to accomplish during the following year.

Accomplishments this past year
* Release of TTOS Linux v1.0
* Updated builds of TTOS Linux v1.0
* Updated software in Atlanta repository
* Creation of Boston Repository
* GUI installer solution (for TTOS v1.1 PR1 only)
* New cloud engine (to be released in repositories in 2018, commercial product requiring license purchase to work)

We have made some fine tuning to TTOS Linux v1.0 throughout the year. But our vision of Desktop Linux is not yet complete. We have also started maintaining a new Linux based on Debian Testing / Unstable as to release a new version in 2018. This new TTOS Linux is based on KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment. What’s new will be the addition of TTOS Linux Enterprise Server 1.1 (TTOS-LESv1.1) to the operating system family. At this time, the TTOS Installer will be capable of installing both the Desktop Linux OS and the Advanced Server all in one ISO. What’s unique about TTOS-LES will be the ability to deploy servers with a graphical user interface with such ease of use that a child could figure it out.

Upcoming projects for 2018
* TTOS Linux Enterprise Server
* Internet Security 2018 / ProShield AV 2018
* Android Mobile Security Suite
* Windows Internet Security Port with IPS/IDS Firewall
* TTOS Linux (OEM Edition)
* PerformaSync
* Welcome (Fresh Install Welcome App / OS Tutorial)

(Download Link for TTOS Linux 1.1 due to come this week)

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Merry Christmas Sun, 25 Dec 2016 04:55:23 +0000 Merry Christmas! And Happy New years!  Happy holidays for whatever holiday you may celebrate!


December Newsletter:

As the year draws to a close, we begin to look at how far we have come!  As an awesome christmas present, we give to you a new ISO build of TTOS!  Click the link at the bottom of the page to go to our TTOS Linux page to download the ISO today!

To streamline our build process, we are using the debian respin project (formerly remastersys) to create the live ISO.  Since debian stable does not use casper or the ubuntu installer, the graphical UI is limited to text and console UI.  Currently, to install the live ISO, open up konsole, and type “sudo respin-installer” and follow the directions on screen.  Starting with the next public build release, this won’t be the case.  TTOS Linux will have it’s own Live installer.  To make this even better, the Live installer will be open source so any Linux distribution using the debian respin project to make live ISO images can make use of this.

Here is a sneak peak of the new TTOS Linux Installer in the works…

Here is the progress of our TTOS projects…

Internet Security and Antivirus Platforms….

  • We have made significant progress on our Windows Port with our online scan engine, but the Linux / UNIX variants crash due to error in the code when scan animation appears.  A fix is in the works.
  • Also, licensing system is not completed and behind schedule.  This is a crucial component before any release is published as this enforces the anti piracy code.
  • We are also working on added features and obtaining a license for pre made signature database to increase accuracy.

TTOS Linux

  • TTOS Linux is in it’s final stages.  The only thing it needs is it’s own repository.  This is not a trivial task however I just prioritzed the other projects first as TTOS Linux is designed to be a custom distro that accomodates and includes the custom software stack for the custom user experience.  When completed, the system can be upgraded as easily as installing a deb file and a security keyring.
  • We have started a TTOS Linux Installer.  Currently, TTOS Linux is installed onto our own hardware using custom OEM tools that we developed in house (proprietary software).  The OEM tools are NOT open source because it includes proprietary binaries that are made by other vendors.  We will be working on our own OEM tools after the completion of our other projects including TTOS Linux Installer.

If there are any developers familiar with libparted who are willing to help with the open source Installer, please contact us for details and access to the source code.


As promised, here is the link to TTOS Linux home page! Please download and try out the live  ISO today!

TTOS Linux

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