TTPC Systems is working hard on developing cross platform cloud technologies for all TTPC hardware and TTOS Linux. You were forwarded to this page because a feature you selected is currently not available and is still being developed.

  • PerformaSync – PerformaSync is a cloud data platform that creates a safe and secure backup solution for TTOS Linux. But it doesn’t stop at Linux, PerformaSync includes an android client for backup and document sync. It is also compatible with any Windows and Mac OS X / Mac OS Sierra WebDav clients making it truly versatile. The hardware is redundant storage ensuring that your data is safe from corruption. We are also employing our next generation cloud AV scan engine along with Intrusion Detection and Prevention firewall to keep your data secure.
  • Internet Security – We are also hard at work on our very own cloud AV platform. Our Linux and Windows client will be compatible with Clam AV making it an effective Clam AV UI for free. Our cloud engine will require a subscription for use but features real time detection capabilities. Future versions will be compatible with other engines after enough revenue is generated for licensing.
  • Portions of all revenue generated from our commercial products will be donated to open source projects when these services deploy. In the mean time, donations for time spent working will be accepted via paypal. For donations, please click here!