For the fans that keep the project going, please sign in and leave your feature requests in the comments below.

Here is the list of planned features to come….

  • KDE ufw Interface
  • Long awaited update to ProShield AV and Internet Security
  • New respin ISOs
  • Deployment of automated nightly build system.
  • Ultimate Gaming/AV editing install scripts
  • Live wallpaper creation studio
  • PerformaSync backup solutions

Development is slow due to it being completely volunteer work on free time. Any volunteers for various aspects are welcome. Any requests are welcome. Any contributions are welcome.

Also, if there are any volunteers with success at launching gofundme campaigns, we would love to hire full time developers to create our vision of what Linux can be for our users. As previously stated, this project is currently volunteer only at the moment. Any and all help is welcome.