We hope everyone had a happy valentines day! With the final release of TTOS Linux 1.1, development does not stop there. We are constantly developing and instantly pushing new development changes into official builds up for download. The last few official builds integrated a new immersive full screen installer. We will continue to make progressive changes to both the installer and the Operating System itself. Much of the changes this month are with porting our modular build system. We thank everyone for their continued support and we encourage everyone to spread the word about TTOS Linux project, and encourage others to download and try it out. The more input we get from the community, the more we can make improvements that shape TTOS Linux to meet the communities wants and needs.


The current work has been on a complete re-code of the TTOS Linux Build System into the new and completely modular TTOS Linux Studio. Linux Studio has the ability to build operating systems based on templates. The TUI is simple and fully functional (except for the publish feature). The GUI is currently being developed. The GUI currently has the ability to load and build OS Templates, but does not have the ability to create them yet.

When TTOS Linux Studio is completed, we will begin designing templates for alternative installation desktops respins of TTOS Linux. The first will be a minimal server ISO and a GNUstep / WindowMaker ISO. We will then begin taking user votes and polls for desktop environments that our users want to see. The one with the most votes will make the cut once the vote process is completed.

Also, at this time, we will resume work on other important projects. Our first project that currently is not ready for production use is PerformaSync. PerfomaSync is a cloud platform that uses a mix of open source and proprietary technologies (don’t worry, everything conforms to their respective licenses). The proprietary technology is the DRM Licensing and payment processing for the cloud platform. As we develop this technology, we will eventually publish a programming API to give developers the ability to publish proprietary DRM protected applications on TTOS Linux. The reason behind this is to encourage big companies with non-open source apps to port their applications to Linux by offering a complete anti-piracy protection solution to them.

Some of the other projects being worked on include:

  • TTOS Welcome
  • Internet Security Suite
  • Integrated Cloud Backup / Restore
  • USB Installation Medium / Live Build creator
  • TTPC Firmware Flasher
  • Graphical Recovery Suite
  • Graphical Intrusion Detection / Prevention System
  • Parental Controls (Whitelist / Blacklist / Automated Approved List)

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