As of January 31st, TTOS Linux 1.1 was released starting with build 20190131 and later patched with build 20190201.

This release comes with a plethora of updates and new features, some unique and specific to TTOS Linux!

New changes

  • New graphical installer – TTOS 1.0 had a TUI installer. This worked great because TTOS was originally intended as an OEM solution for TTPC Systems. It has now been replaced by Calamares graphical installer for a seamlessly easy installation process.
  • Android Messages – we are the first to fully integrate mobile texting solutions into our repository. Android Messages uses the stock Android messaging client to remotely login, view, create, and reply to your messages. If your phone doesn’t support Android Messages, then we also packaged AirDroid.
  • Facebook – for your privacy, we have included a Facebook client that resembles the mobile client. Our client, when closed out, doesn’t keep any information. You are automatically logged out and your username is not saved. This helps prevent account hijacking when accidentally left logged in.
  • We upgraded KDE to Plasma 5
  • We upgraded to kernel 4.19. Version 4.20 is available in Sid / experimental repositories.
  • UFW kcm has been removed due to compatibility issues with Plasma 5. We will be working to port this soon. But ufw is still available via command line or the gufw frontend app.
  • PerformaSync Cloud Services – our native client is still in development for TTOS Linux but you can still manually configure the webdav mount I’m dolphin for time being. Native Android app is published on Google Play

New Graphical Installer

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