As we near the end of 2017, I would like to recap what we accomplished during this year, and what we plan to accomplish during the following year.

Accomplishments this past year
* Release of TTOS Linux v1.0
* Updated builds of TTOS Linux v1.0
* Updated software in Atlanta repository
* Creation of Boston Repository
* GUI installer solution (for TTOS v1.1 PR1 only)
* New cloud engine (to be released in repositories in 2018, commercial product requiring license purchase to work)

We have made some fine tuning to TTOS Linux v1.0 throughout the year. But our vision of Desktop Linux is not yet complete. We have also started maintaining a new Linux based on Debian Testing / Unstable as to release a new version in 2018. This new TTOS Linux is based on KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment. What’s new will be the addition of TTOS Linux Enterprise Server 1.1 (TTOS-LESv1.1) to the operating system family. At this time, the TTOS Installer will be capable of installing both the Desktop Linux OS and the Advanced Server all in one ISO. What’s unique about TTOS-LES will be the ability to deploy servers with a graphical user interface with such ease of use that a child could figure it out.

Upcoming projects for 2018
* TTOS Linux Enterprise Server
* Internet Security 2018 / ProShield AV 2018
* Android Mobile Security Suite
* Windows Internet Security Port with IPS/IDS Firewall
* TTOS Linux (OEM Edition)
* PerformaSync
* Welcome (Fresh Install Welcome App / OS Tutorial)

(Download Link for TTOS Linux 1.1 due to come this week)