Merry Christmas! And Happy New years!  Happy holidays for whatever holiday you may celebrate!


December Newsletter:

As the year draws to a close, we begin to look at how far we have come!  As an awesome christmas present, we give to you a new ISO build of TTOS!  Click the link at the bottom of the page to go to our TTOS Linux page to download the ISO today!

To streamline our build process, we are using the debian respin project (formerly remastersys) to create the live ISO.  Since debian stable does not use casper or the ubuntu installer, the graphical UI is limited to text and console UI.  Currently, to install the live ISO, open up konsole, and type “sudo respin-installer” and follow the directions on screen.  Starting with the next public build release, this won’t be the case.  TTOS Linux will have it’s own Live installer.  To make this even better, the Live installer will be open source so any Linux distribution using the debian respin project to make live ISO images can make use of this.

Here is a sneak peak of the new TTOS Linux Installer in the works…

Here is the progress of our TTOS projects…

Internet Security and Antivirus Platforms….

  • We have made significant progress on our Windows Port with our online scan engine, but the Linux / UNIX variants crash due to error in the code when scan animation appears.  A fix is in the works.
  • Also, licensing system is not completed and behind schedule.  This is a crucial component before any release is published as this enforces the anti piracy code.
  • We are also working on added features and obtaining a license for pre made signature database to increase accuracy.

TTOS Linux

  • TTOS Linux is in it’s final stages.  The only thing it needs is it’s own repository.  This is not a trivial task however I just prioritzed the other projects first as TTOS Linux is designed to be a custom distro that accomodates and includes the custom software stack for the custom user experience.  When completed, the system can be upgraded as easily as installing a deb file and a security keyring.
  • We have started a TTOS Linux Installer.  Currently, TTOS Linux is installed onto our own hardware using custom OEM tools that we developed in house (proprietary software).  The OEM tools are NOT open source because it includes proprietary binaries that are made by other vendors.  We will be working on our own OEM tools after the completion of our other projects including TTOS Linux Installer.

If there are any developers familiar with libparted who are willing to help with the open source Installer, please contact us for details and access to the source code.


As promised, here is the link to TTOS Linux home page! Please download and try out the live  ISO today!

TTOS Linux