New Features, bugfixes, and more!


Greetings everyone! Although we aren’t dropping an updated official release just yet, we are excited to announce massive development work making it’s way into the repositories and into the nightly build drop tonight!

Here is the list…

  • ProShield AV 2019 is in the repo’s, and now installed by default in TTOS Linux
  • Fixed bug in Lutris installer script (caused by SUSE changing repositories)
  • Added ProShield AV Launcher support from TTOS Welcome
  • Added initial async support to some launch buttons on TTOS Welcome
  • Added support for Steam to install without asking the user to view a TUI license (GUI License will be available in a future release)
  • Added real-time detection capabilities to ~/Documents and ~/Downloads folders as an option in ProShield AV
  • fixed crash in Ultimate Gaming installer that causes systems with NVIDIA GPU to crash and hard reboot during install.


To install… run

sudo apt install proshield proshield-rtde

ProShield is not yet complete and therefore does not create a default configuration file. My default config file has thus been included since the last desktop-base release as part of /etc/skel. You must edit the file and change the path of the quick scan directory manually to a directory of your choice. Since most web browsers drop downloads in the Downloads folder, I recoomend you use this folder. the file is located in…


Development of ProShield security suite has been very slow and painstakingly tedious. One of our main goals is to eventually include our own commercial cloud engine as a modular update. The current version functions as a frontend to ClamAV. The initial goal was to use the real time detection engine for our cloud engine only, however since we currently are not ready to deploy, the decision has been made to port it to clamd for real time detection services. Another new feature in ProShield 2019 over 2017 is that the scan UI uses animated and pleasant to look at scanning UI instead of clamav in a terminal. Also, the manual update button only works if fresh-clam service is NOT enabled. Freshclam provides updates automatically as they happen, so it is better to keep enabled than to do it manually. But the button exist just in case none the less.

A future version will be available in the future that integrates ProShield AV with UFW, Fail2ban, Snort, and our own web protect engine. We also plan to make many added scan modules for other AV engines. A sample of what’s to come is available in the greyed out section of the settings.

Future Plans
Here is a list of planned features before the end of the year

  • TTOS Linux Game->[ON] edition ISO
  • New and intuitive UI for TTOS Welcome Utility
  • Rebase TTOS Desktop ISO’s on Backports (for updated packages)
  • Keep a set of Stable ISO’s available for production use and servers
  • Setup default conky themes for TTOS Linux
  • Create a neofetch distro image
  • Completely automate package building and deployment (on our new Gitlab CI/CD server)

Thank you for your continued support! If you like what we do, please feel free to donate. Donation buys more development time as we do this on our free time and don’t get paid. The more money we raise, the more time we can take off of work from our day jobs to develop awesome linux software. Many of these goals might only see initial work if enough funds are not raised. Every penny and every dollar helps to fund development. Also, any volunteer work is much appreciated (although collaborative coding would have to wait until the new Gitlab server is finished being setup). Until then, please continue to use our distro and support us by casting your vote to TTOS Linux on the distrowatch waiting list!

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