Happy St. Patty’s Day!


First off, we would like to wish that during this horrible apocalyptic world pandemic, that everyone remains safe and healthy!  During this time, TTOS Linux will continue development.  So, before the conclusion of Q1 2020, we would like to release our St Patty’s day release of TTOS Linux.  The nightly image was tested and performed well.  It needed a couple minor tweaks and updates and we are now uploading the finished product into release as we type.  The update will be available for download March 18th 2020.  You can download here at https://www.ttoslinux.org

On another note, developmental planning is under way for TTOS Linux 1.2 Chicago.  This release will have many new improvements including a revamped Welcome screen, and a Game->[ON] Edition with an OEM like post installation setup.  Other improvements will include long awaited updates to our ProShield security application, and inclusion of PerformaSync.

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