Merry Christmas!

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TTPC Systems would like to thank all those that contributed feedback to help make this year our most successful year contributing to TTOS Linux project! Just to recap, here are our accomplishments this year…

  • Completed the CLI Version of TTOS Linux Studio (The port of the TTOS Linux Build System adapted to be template driven and supports automation)
  • Nightly build generation
  • NVIDIA Graphics hardware detection and installer
  • Android Studio installer
  • Ultimate Game System installer
  • Intuitive Welcome Post Installation Program
  • Clam UI support for ProShield security
  • Various alternative desktop builds (pre-release ISO’s up for download, official builds will be released with next year)
  • Started work on TTOS Linux Enterprise Server

There is still a lot of work to be done but we thank all for their support this year and hope that you continue to contribute feedback.

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