TTOS Linux 1.1.1 Release Updates

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We started of the year strong with official releases of TTOS Linux 1.1 (Boston). We continue to work on improving TTOS Linux and we publish ISO’s at least once a month bringing these improvements no matter how big or small to the new user, and pushing updates in our apt repository for existing users.

With this latest release, we made many improvements to TTOS Linux post installation Welcome screen! We have added functionality enabling many of the greyed out buttons that existed in the original build. We are pleased to announce the release of the Ultimate Gaming scripts under Pimp My Box!

Another long awaited feature added to our repositories during this release is the highly anticipated TTOS Linux Studio! This is a port of our in house build system into a modular template driven build system. Currently, the command line is feature complete and a graphical interface is in the works. With this utility, you can build installable Linux ISO images for distribution. It can be used to customize a current supported distro, or it can be used to create a new distro based on LFS project.

Thank you for staying up to date with TTOS Linux project! Stay tuned for more great news to come!

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