The hunt for the best VPN and proxy

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Alright guys and girls, I have tried various VPN and proxies with little success in finding the right one. The first one I tried was Hide My Ass years ago. It worked, but streaming from UK to US was so slow. I then tried Private Internet Access, and this was also painfully slow for streaming video content across the ocean. I tried many others along the way as well until I finally found one that offers everything I need. But first, lets look at WHY I needed a VPN in the first place.

Have you ever watched a TV show from another country that is free to view if you live in that country? Well, any Doctor Who fan might know this. BBC iPlayer only works if you are within the UK. A dirty little trick around this is with a VPN.

Now lets look at what a VPN is. It stands for Virtual Private Network. The gateway IP of the VPN is the location that the VPN server is hosted. The service I found offers a UK streaming service that is fast and with my Spectrum 300M connection, I can stream in highest quality offered from iPlayer without lag. Essentially, your computer is hooked to this server through a VPN connection, it’s like an SSH tunnel routing your network traffic to this virtual router sort of speak. So now, you have a UK IP address and the UK specific GeoIP content is now unlocked.

But wait, this isn’t only useful for just streaming iPlayer, you can potentially bypass ANY geolocation restriction on the net! Say you want to view US Netflix content when abroad! Or, Netflix can show Star Trek Discovery from other countries outside the US (Due to agreement with CBS to entice people to CBS All Access within the US). Or, if you are behind a firewall that sensors the internet, get uncensored internet through a secure VPN connection to an uncensored country! The options are limitless! Encrypted and anonymous email comes free with some packages as well! I don’t suggest this one unless you want to risk piracy and copyright infringement notices due to improper setup and DNS leaks, but you could even hide your location for torrent downloads.

The service I ended up settling on also provides NAT firewall with ad and malware blocking, and secure email along with flexible dedicated IP address plans makes this ideal for business web protection.

So after a couple years of use and the service only getting better, I just recently found coupon codes before renewing my service. And I will share them here as well. I ended up settling with TorGuard.

TorGuard also has applications for various operating systems from Linux, Windows, Android, OS X and more that help make it seamlessly integrate into your device and setup your access with ease.

TorGuard has not failed me yet in allowing me to view BBC content from abroad and the same with Netflix, Hulu, and CBS when I travel over seas.

To give it a try, head over to the following link….

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Make sure to enter the coupon of your choice during checkout! Good luck!

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