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Due to the increasing popularity of Linux distributions that make ordinary tasks easy to do, TTOS Linux decided to take this a step further! The new TTOS Welcome program will present the user with common post install tasks. The user can get one click action to automate these tasks. Here is what the current state is…

As seen in the screenshot above, the Post install resources are currently working. Before initial release, we will have NVIDIA proprietary driver installer working, and Steam installer working. At this point, the next release will see the entire Popular applications section and Pimp My Box section working. The rest will be available as soon as they are working. The rest also require far more customization in scripts and coding than the Pimp My Box and Popular applications section. This is because they need automation for download, verification, and installation. Not many distributions perform these tasks automatically but we will. We have some “dirty scripts” already working for NVIDIA and Steam Install. In our current release of TTOS Linux for download, contrib and non-free are automatically enabled but to appeal to the users that want open source only, this will be disabled in future releases and the TTOS Welcome will have the capability to enable it at the click of a button on first install. As for Steam, this is a big deal. This addition will scale nicely with our future goals for TTOS.

Our new build system’s GUI is nearly completed. Upon it’s completion, we will begin automated nightly builds of the main TTOS Linux Distribution ISO. This will make every update immediately available upon upload each night. Another addition will be alternative desktop ISO’s. We feel that some Linux desktop’s don’t get the love that they deserve. So we will be adding respins of TTOS Linux with GNUstep, IceWM, Sawfish-wm, GNOME, MATE, XFCE, i3, Enlightenment, and EtoileOS in the near future. The ISO’s will be updated each quarter (or sooner if an emergency bug fix is required).

The final news will be the addition of TTOS Linux Enterprise Server and TTOS Linux ->[GAME-ON] edition. The TTOS-LES will be a minimal headless install. The user will have the option to install GNUstep UI during the install process. The system will include graphical tools to automate the setup of various services including a ClamD cloud scanning service, NextCloud, and many more! The TTOS Linux->[GAME-ON] edition will include optimized package selections to support the latest Kernel and Binary NVIDIA GPU drivers (from Sid and Testing repos) to give optimal performance out of your gaming experience. TTOS Welcome will include the additional hot click install’s of Steam & Lutris upon first boot. The Utimate Gaming experience under Pimp My Linux will be available as well.

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