March Newsletter

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Happy St Patrick’s day! As its been a great year for development for TTOS Linux, we have covered a lot of work on upgrades to the base system and the build system for the inclusion of a graphical installer. A lot of work has been put into porting our build system into a distribution creation studio capable of customization and remastering as well as from scratch builds with a graphical installer. As we continuously work on bettering TTOS Linux for the community, we feel that the real benefit for the near term future lies in our in house build system.

Here is the complete list or work done this month…

  • Overhaul of our Calamares installer to start in an immersive mode
  • Made significant progress in the TTOS Linux Build Studio graphical front end
  • Started initial work on TTOS Welcome
  • Started initial planning for new build templates.

At some point this year, we will be going offline for a significant hardware upgrade. Our rack will welcome the addition of a new virtualization server that we are working with. All of our websites and repositories will be moved to our in house virtualization server. Our current server will be repurposed as part of our PerformaSync data center cluster for our upcoming PerformaSync launch! At this point, TTOS Linux Studio will be performing automated nightly builds of TTOS Linux based on its current rolling release state. Each nightly image will include the latest up to date packages. Quarterly builds of alternative install images will be built for additional desktop configurations.

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