The amazing Surface Pro 4

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I was asked to do a short review of the Surface Pro 4. From a Windows user. I guess since most of you here are Linux users.

First off, i have the high end Model. With 16 gigs of ram, 256gig SShd and the 6th gen i7 processor.

I cant say anything bad about it. I love it. Its not meant for gaming. But i have no problem playing Skyrim with all options turned up on high. Its absolutely overkill for what ive been using it for. Studying, powerpoint, and documents. Its thin, even with the keyboard it takes up virtually no space, and i slip it into a small folder in my binder.

During class i can edit the teachers notes, both typing and with the pen. High light and circle important things with ease. The pen is a god send.

The only grip I have is the battery life. But it has an i7 processor. Nkt gonna have good battery life with that beast unddr the hood. I just hole the surface 5 gets the ability to hook it up to an external gpu. Microsoft failed on that note. But for a tablet. Compare it to anything else on the market and kt beats it hands down. Ill be trading this in for the 5 when it comes out. F*** apple!

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