Antivirus – Our new revolutionary cloud engine is going to be the driving force behind all of our products. Cloud services give us the opportunity to let our servers handle the load so that your computer runs at top performance and efficiency giving the same scanning capabilities as if it was placed on your own computer! To make this even better, our cloud detection engine database is always maintained so that you never have to worry about definitions and signatures ever being out of date as they are updated in real-time. To make this even better, you get instant protection from suspicious files found on other users computers.

Firewall – We are developing a “smart firewall” technology that simply creates rules based on usage, and blacklists apps in a known “managed” database from accessing the internet. Our firewall will also include an Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (HIPS/HIDS). This helps protect your computer from brute force logins, data theft, and computer hijacking / ransom.

Enterprise Security Server – This will be a custom server based on TTOS-UNIX 2.x series that includes our managed services at your administrators fingertips. You can create your own managed services for your infrastructure which decreases network load by downloading updates once, and deploying across your network. This server also includes a malware scanning proxy, along with selections for whitelist / blacklist definitions (profiles), and the ability to create custom definitions. It will be controlled by an arm based dedicated UI so that the main server runs headless giving you maximum performance. To make it even better, the server is complete with a full UNIX, APACHE, SQL, and PHP stack allowing you to host bussiness! (please note that some gateway / proxy configurations may not be compatible with hosting solutions).