Introducing PerformaSync!


It’s been announced that there will be some new changes in the final release of TTOS Linux 1.1 (scheduled for December 25th release), and here is a list of the surprises in store!

1) PerformaSync

This is first on the list becauseit introduces significant changes in desktop Linux experience. PerformaSync is a cloud platform that syncs files across devices. Upgraded storage can be purchased at a competitive price. Procedes go to server maintenence and upgrades.

Among other things, here are some of the planned features being worked on right now!

  • Native android app
  • Android contacts backup & restore
  • Desktop backup
  • System Application backup / restore
  • Android Remote messeging

2) UpLink

As a proof of concept, we are releasing upkink browser into the mix. Uplink is a native QT HTML5 web browser that is functional and light weight.

3) Animated / Live Desktop Wallpaper


Many people have requested this type of asthetically beautiful desktop for years. TTOS has always provided wrapper scripts to give this functionality to its users. But they come at a cost. Example, you often cant see desktop icons, or issues with power management while using xscreensavers. We have solved this by including native QML video wallpaper. This uses far less system resources and allows full functionality of your desktop!

4) Calamares Installer

As seen in our pre-release builds, calamares vastly improves our install process and simplifies it for our users!

5) ProShield AV 2019

Our inhouse antivirus UI will receive a long awaited UI update. Sadly, our new cloud scan engine is still not production ready, but you cancontinue to use our intuitive UI with Clam AV and secure your computer from web threats!

6) TTOS Linux Studio

We have been hard at work designing a new bootstrap system and a new universal build system. TTOS Linux Studio will allow us to automate the base operating system build so wecan focus on the software that defines TTOS from all the other distros.

But TTOS Linux Studio isnt just for building TTOS Linux! It’s modular interface allows developers to create build profiles for their own distros as well. This includes LFS, RPM based distros, and Arch based as well. It’s graphical user interface will be intuitive and easy to follow.

We are working hard on completing these additions in time for the release.  Our new build system allows us to do just that!  And as always, we are always willing to accept donations for development time!  Email for details about how you could help donate or contribute to these projects!

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